Discovering The Story Pole

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            Last week, my Father-in-Law came down to see us. It was great spending time with them and watching them play with the kids. Seeing that there were extra hands around the house, my wife, Amy, asked her dad and I to hang some shelves in a hallway in our house. I’m thankful he was there to help do this - because let’s be honest, we all know shelf hanging is a pain. So much that we nix shelf hanging all together. But, my Father-in-Law had a brilliant resource: The Story Pole.

            This is the first time using the story pole but I’m now an advocate since it makes hanging shelves a lot easier. The way it works is you mark the pole with a pencil where you want the shelves to go and you mount the shelves by measuring the distance on the story pole. With a little extra planning on the front end, you can make a job like this go a lot smoother!

            No one likes crooked shelves with falling books so go ahead a take the plunge! Make your own story pole by purchasing a $2 piece of lumber at your nearest hardware store. Don’t forget to bring in your Father-in-Law for the extra hands and QT (quality time). Below is a picture of the nicely finished shelves from Ikea and the soon-to-be famed Story Pole.

The Story Pole.jpg

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